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Ashes of Creation's Steven Sharif Clarifies Content Creator Program Details

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Intrepid Studios recently revealed their revamped Content Creator Program to the community. Steven Sharif chimed in on Reddit as well to provide some clarification on the program.

If you’re unfamiliar with the program, it’s described as a partnership of sorts which aims to help content creators become brand ambassadors while creating content for the studio’s upcoming MMORPG, Ashes of Creation. The team notes that this program is designed for both large and small content creators, with the primary focus on the quality of said content.

The post lists some benefits of joining the program such as Intrepid assisting in promoting your content on their channels, unique referral codes, subscription time, giveaway bundles, being flagged as a content creator on the Discord and the game’s forums, access to private content creator program discord and forums, and much more.

Some on Reddit were a little less than enthused, taking umbrage with Intrepid Studios helping content creators become brand ambadassadors. One such post noted,

“This line SCREAMS, "Don't criticize our game or company ever or you don't get our benefits".

Just gonna say it now, most of the content creators that are currently talking about this game have not ONCE mentioned their predatory cash shop for a game that literally doesn't exist. This game has the HIGHEST number of paid cosmetics I've ever seen. And the way that it's shoved in our face is absolutely ridiculous. Not that anyone in this subreddit agrees. It's full of "Just don't buy it, it doesn't benefit you in game."”

Steven Sharif directly responded, noting that he’s fine with criticism,

“I’m ok with criticism. Especially when the opinion is rooted in reasoning, so it can be constructive. The only time I’ve removed a content creator was when they slid into conspiracy and falsities. At that point they can continue creating content but not under an official capacity.

The primary focus of an official content creator is to help provide information about the project to viewers and to encourage constructive feedback/engagement from their audiences on the games development.”

Steven also provided additional info regarding referrals, such as personal information is not provided for referrals due to privacy concerns, and Intrepid bucks are only usable with your own subscription and not he subs of others.

Elsewhere in Ashes of Creation news, the combat revamp won’t be complete until after Alpha One. You can read all about that here.


Poorna Shankar