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Ashes of Creation's Lastest Developer Update Dives Deep Into UI, and Teases Tower of Carphin Dungeon

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Ashes of Creation team’s latest development update stream covered some new ground, including UI development process and progress made. There was also an update on character art and a preview of Tower of Carphin, an upcoming lore-rich planned dungeon location.

The UI is one of those areas that we haven’t seen that much of before, and most of us probably don’t give much thought to the often modular process behind developing UI changes. This latest update walks us right through all of that, with the smaller pieces that make up the bigger picture. Colby Marchi, the game’s lead UI/UX designer begins with some pieces, showing off the base design elements for windows and line breaks, and saying how these are the building blocks that they’ll look to combine in a cohesive whole. Sometimes these don’t stand out but you will perceive the cohesiveness.

The full UI update portion of the latest update then jumps into some of the rest of the menus and concepts, right into examples of how it might look in the build and the elements that make the design you’ll see. Since these elements are subject to change, during the development stage, this is another reason why they build it all modularly. This portion of the update is lengthy, and it goes into everything you might want to know about what they're thinking is on design, as well as potential future features, like maybe the ability to change the color of your UI, or other ways to adjust portions, all the way to accessibility options.

The art updates include new cyclops weapons, and new peeks at draft sets for NPCs. Among the NPC peeks include an academic, which references back to some lore and story content the team mentioned back in the fall during the Extra Life stream. This academic is tied to a dungeon that will feature, the Tower of Carphin, which also gets a brief video tease at the end of the monthly stream.

When we say brief, we mean just some concepts and a look at the place, lasting about a minute, but it is a large location, and Intrepid leaves off with a tease that more info is coming next month.

For more, head to Ashes of Creation. 


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