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Ashes of Creation Wants Your Thoughts on Dungeon Scaling

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Ashes of Creation team want your feedback and input on dungeon scaling.

The team posted a quick forum post teasing their next dev discussion. Specifically, the team is looking for player feedback and input regarding dungeon scaling,

“Should open world dungeons scale up in difficulty significantly as you go deeper (ex. level 30-50), or should the difficulty band of a given dungeon be more narrow from top to bottom (ex. level 45-50)?”

If you want to take part, simply hop into this forum thread. As expected, there are already several responses to the question. For example, one user believes dungeons should become more difficult as you progress,

“I think having the dungeons get harder the deeper you go. As[]long as the lower level areas still have some reason to kill. Otherwise clearly way to the higher areas would be annoying and tedious”

Other responses point to the nuance of the question, and answer the question with other questions surrounding the level of cooperation involved in the dungeon run. Other responses ask how large the dungeon might be, as that would influence their response.


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