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Ashes of Creation Wants Your Feedback Ahead of Next Dev Discussion

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ashes of Creation wants your feedback ahead of their next dev discussion.

Specifically, they want your feedback on content level equalization. Just what is content level equalization? In essence, this happens when any players at a higher level are brought down to lower levels in order to engage in content with lower level players.

They’re looking for your feedback on gameplay, your past MMO experiences, and more. You can share your thoughts on their forums. Some current feedback is mixed, as expected, with some pointing to Guild Wars 2 as an example that they feel implemented it well, as member Damokles posted,

“I think that GW2 did a good job in that regard. You get deleveled to the max level required for that content, and all your stats are scaled, down but keep the relative power level. A lvl 80 max geared character will be as strong at a downscaled lvl 15 against level 15 mobs as he was as a lvl 80 against lvl 80 mobs. I myself dont have a peoblem with getting downscaled, as long as you dont really notice the difference during combat.”


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