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Ashes of Creation Wants to Know Your Thoughts On Login Rewards

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The next dev discussion for Ashes of Creation is here. This time, the team wants to know your thoughts on login rewards.

This one is pretty straightforward. What are your thoughts on login rewards. There’s a dev discussion poll here, so make your voice heard. Interestingly, this dev discussion was borne out from community feedback during the December live stream. This was furthered in some Discord chats between Steven and the community. He originally asked if each day rewarded you with a cosmetic coin, with a unique cosmetic purchasable with 30 of these coins.

He then promised a dev discussion, noting that if this was a gift rather than social pressure or a P2W tactic, “that is cool.” He added,

“Some people have less time to play for certain things, and everyone likes to collect things... a login reward is an opportunity to give casual players who may only play a few hours a week something to work towards in addition to their in-game efforts. but thats just my opinion, and thats why it will be cool to hear everyone's thoughts on it[.]”

Make your voice heard, and take the poll linked above. If you missed it, here’s what the team has planned for 2021.


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