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Ashes of Creation Team Wants Your Thoughts on Randomized NPC Behavior

What are your thoughts?

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As Intrepid Studios gears up for a new Ashes of Creation dev discussion, they’re looking for your thoughts.

The dev discussion this week is all about randomized NPC behavior. To that end, the team wants to know what your thoughts are on this topic,

“Is randomized behavior in NPCs you are fighting desirable? Where's the line between interesting variance and unpredictable annoyance?”

As one suspects, the responses are aplenty. One user, aptly called “bot,” stated that NPC variance is actually very important to them,

“Variance in NPC combat is essential to me. PvE becomes stale and boring doing the same thing over and over. It'd be cool if each NPC had its own moveset that it did with adaptive combat similar to Blade & Soul where the combat versus NPCs felt a lot better than the standard mobs you see in MMORPGs. I think at the very least there should be basic mobs then more advanced mobs capable of more variance in their combat.”

However, some others like user Soolcheg doesn’t believe there’s a need for random NPC behavior,

“I think Random behavior in NPCs no need at all. Maybe it'll be fun to teach them some patterns of behavior in the group or solo etc. And same Against groups of players and solo players. And I prefer it if it will be for every type of enemy. Man can dream.”

What are your thoughts on randomized NPC behavior?


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