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Ashes of Creation Team Wants Your Thoughts on Multiboxing

New poll too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Following the AMA over the weekend, the Ashes of Creation team have posted a Dev Discussion all about multiboxing.

Multiboxing was the one major point of discussion that the community and Steven Sharif pointed out during the AMA. Following that AMA, Steven wrote in the Discord channel,

“…In that spirit and due to your feedback from this AMA, I have directed our community team to post a discussion thread on the forums next week regarding thoughts on Multi-boxing. My position is that launching multiple applications on a single computer will be prohibited, but multi boxing from separate computers is acceptable, as long as the client that's running is not under any 3rd party program or macros. However, as I said, community feedback is very important, so we will be hosting a community discussion next week.”

That dev discussion has arrived. Put simply, the team wants to know your thoughts on multiboxing. In case you’re unaware, multiboxing is basically playing multiple characters at the same time. The team asks,

“What are your thoughts on allowing multiboxing, and why? If multiboxing is allowed, are there restrictions that you would prefer to be in place? How do you prevent false positives on enforcement for families and friends who play from the same home?”

The team’s current stance is allowing players to own multiple accounts, but unable to launch multiple game clients at the same time from the same computer. Sound off in the dev discussion and vote in their poll. So far, 49% of people have voted for,

“I agree with Intrepid's decision to allow multiboxing from separate computers without automated/macro or keystroke mimicking software.”


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