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Ashes of Creation Team Shows Off the Fellbeak Macaw

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Ashes of Creation site has been updated with a look at the Fellbeak Macaw, one of the creatures that players will find in and around the game world. The article is written as "research notes" from a team out studying the flora and fauna of the world.

Unfortunately, the unabating heat and humidity that seems to accompany all jungles is no less present back beyond the portal than here. The retinue commissioned to ensure my safety has made no small effort to voice their complaints in this matter. Nevertheless, a task needs finishing. Though, through the haze, I've caught glimpses of a curious, feathered creature. A brilliant deluge of blue and yellow in stark contrast to the green drab of the jungle. It turned to look at me with an almost unsettling focus before letting out a loud squawk and running off in the opposite direction.

Check out the Ashes of Creation site to read more.


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