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Ashes of Creation Team Reveals the Regalia of the Iron Lion Armor Set

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The Ashes of Creation team has posted a new blog that reveals a new armor set called the Regalia of the Iron Lion, symbolic of a new order that wants to "control the unknowable". It comes with its own story and a number of pieces including the Cuirass of the Pride, Aegis of Fangs, and the Dawnclaw Wand.

The Iron Lion is a fairly new order, one formed out of a desire to control the unknowable. With the rediscovery of the old world, many Kaelar wondered what lay beyond, considering the incredible power the divine gateways represented. To this end, the Iron Lion focuses not only on martial combat, but also on the art of dampening magic. Without such knowledge, establishing a foothold may be all but impossible - rampant magic is an unpredictable, and many times lethal, complication in any sortie. Due to this, the Iron Lion puts forth significant effort in studying and learning about the magics they come across, hoping to minimize the dangers they pose.

Check out the full screenshot-packed article on the Ashes of Creation site.


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