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Ashes of Creation Team Previews Castle Sieges & Announces New Classes Coming Soon

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Some big things are coming soon to Ashes of Creation Apocalypse. Devs revealed both Castle Sieges and six new classes that will be arriving with a future update. A new video highlights trebuchets, ballistae, catapults, siege towers, giant balls of fire, broken castle walls and more that devs believe set Ashes of Creation Apocalypse apart from all the other "online battle games".

In addition to castle sieges, viewers of the recent dev stream also revealed six new classes coming spread across the three archetypes:

  • Warrior Classes - Guardian and Weaponmaster
  • DPS Classes - Archwizard and Hawkeye
  • Support Classes - High Priest and Engineer

Intrepid has plans to show all of the new classes off very soon.

Just as a reminder, the open beta test for Apocalypse is going on this weekend. 


Suzie Ford

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