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Ashes of Creation Stream Reveals the Vek, New Race Art, Talks Growth and Plans for Alpha 2

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The Ashes of Creation team had its most recent live stream recently, with Creative Director Steven Sharif and Community Marketing Lead Margaret Krohn covering everything from nodes, to studio growth, plans for alpha 2, and even a few reveals, including the Vek.

Intrepid Studios has seen some growth, with several new hires on development. This translates directly into how the team is working and going full speed ahead. Also revealed on the stream are plans to have early character creation revealed in February, so later this month we should have our first taste of what that looks like. 

Plans for alpha 2 are also shaping up. They will raise the level cap to 35 with the alpha 2 test period. Some of the new character models they’ve shown off include the character races. Including the reveal of the Vek, both male and female. 

They explain that they’ve been reiterating some of the systems since the first alpha test and discussion around designs between the team have centered around everything from the economic impact of nodes, their influence on things like roads (including potential changes over time and status) and routes, resources, establishing trade relationships, economic volume in player to player transactions, and more along those lines. All of this comes in addition to environmental art updates and reveals. They also stated that they are working on some combat changes as well as changes to the augment system and planning for the classes.

The subject of instancing also came up because instancing is by design limited in ashes of creation. But there will be some instant content including castle sieges. Those sieges will have two groups competing over the castle. They’re thinking is there might be short instanced battles that will influence the overall larger battle.

With the Vek now more than just a concept for us all and more updates on heading towards a new testing period, Ashes of Creation has sent us all into February with more to come.


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