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Ashes of Creation Shows Off The Quarrior

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In their latest bestiary devblog, Ashes of Creation have shown off the Quarrior, a "docile creature clad in a veritable suit of stony armor." 

Thanks to its propensity to excavate the ground around it, researchers gave the creature it's fitting name. Resembling a hedgehog, the latest creature to be unveiled by the Ashes team sports a spiky stone plate of armor covering its body. But the real prize are the jewels that form naturally thanks to the Quarrior's diet. 

From the blogpost:

"The creature's most notable features, however, are the myriad sparkling jewels that dot the surface of the quarrior's stone plates. This is said to be a natural byproduct of its diet, composed of a wide selection of geodes. Extraordinarily resilient teeth and a potent stomach acid serve to break down the minerals into a more amicable form of sustenance. Excess nutrients left unused by the body condense and form the bright jewels each quarrior possesses."

Additionally, the team has released a video showing the creation process of the Quarrior. Quarriors themselves look as though they can be domesticated not only for their jewels, but also for their "natural ability to excavate." 

You can check out the full devblog on the official Ashes of Creation website. 

Full disclosure: Ashes of Creation is represented by Team CriticalHit, a games PR company co-founded by former MMORPG.com Managing Editor Bill Murphy.


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