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Ashes of Creation Shows off The Otter-like Tidebreaker In New Video

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Unless you don’t like otters, a new Ashes of Creation trailer shows off a cute otter-like Tidebreaker creature, along with a new video showcasing the animal.

The blog goes into lore of the new creature, explaining their behavior and and inquisitiveness:

“Kaelar expeditionaries that first discovered these animals took note of their docility, even when openly approached. Preliminary efforts to capture them proved quite futile, as their relatively large size did not rob them of any agility, and a single swipe of their tail could fracture the bones of a grown man. A different approach was required, and luckily for the expeditionary team, the Tidebreakers turned out to be quite inquisitive creatures. It was found that gaining their trust through play proved to be safer and more effective; games of catch involving brightly painted balls of leather and cloth tended to be the most prevalent.”

The Tidebreaker in Ashes of Creation are meant for messengers and can traverse treacherous terrain. Additionally, they can be used as cavalry, so imagine an otter cavalry charge for a moment.

Check out the trailer showcasing the Tidebreaker in Ashes of Creation below, and read the full post here:

Full Disclosure: Ashes of Creation is represented by Team Critical Hit, a games PR company co-founded by former MMORPG.com Managing Editor, Bill Murphy.


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