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Ashes of Creation Shows Off Rime and Regal Cosmetics In Latest Update

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Ashes of Creation took to its blog to show off its latest cosmetic addons, the Rime and Regal collection. This wintry collection is available in the Ashes of Creation shop December 11 through January 8 and rotate out the Bounties of the Verdant Keeper.

The winter-inspired cosmetic set includes items such as "Snowfall Sabatons" boots, cosmetic skins for pets such as the Peak Hound Pup and the Eldercrown Caribou. 

The frigid expanse is not a place to be trifled with, and more often than not, suffering is the only thing many find. However, those with the necessary capital have taken it upon themselves to establish some semblance of civilization in the unrelenting winter. A path previously closed off now lies open, and new opportunities reveal themselves to those with the resources to brave the frost.

There still isn't a defined time table for when the MMORPG will release, but you can check out the full cosmetic collection on the Ashes of Creation website. Currently Ashes of Creation is still in development, with its free-to-play Battle Royale Arena game Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse currently available on Steam, with some of the cosmetics purchased for the Ashes MMO available in Apocalypse to use if you want to show off what's available to you when they are added. 


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