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Ashes of Creation Showcases The Small Order Of Doctors In Latest Update

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Ashes of Creation has continued its series of showcasing some of the pets and items players can look forward to when the full MMORPG goes live. This time around it's showing off its Unseen Shade cosmetics, giving a distinct feel of being in an Edgar Allan Poe poem within Creation.

The new cosmetics coming to Ashes of Creation look dark and sinister - not something one would associate with modern doctors, but definitely akin to plague doctors from yesteryear. Coming with the Unseen Shades set are new costumes, pet cosmetics, a freehold structure cosmetic and more.

Verra's lands are ancient, and within it, the ambient energies of the earth have bonded with the deep darkness in the forgotten corners of history. They lie in wait, like traps ready to spring. Yet, for those mighty souls that survive the reprisal, powers yet unseen will be unleashed, for better or worse..

The new cosmetic set will be available on the Ashes of Creation shop from October 9 through November 6, 2019. They will replace the current set on there, the Order of the Luminous Levin, for those who still want to get their hands on that set. Additionally, Ashes of Creation recently launched its Apocalypse Battle Royale game on Steam, and it's providing plenty of data for the team making the MMO itself. 


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