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Ashes of Creation Previews Aquatic Mounts and More in Live Stream

Underwater dungeons, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ashes of Creation held a live stream earlier today where they showed off aquatic mounts in their pre-alpha, plus answering questions in a Q&A session.

You can watch the video below showcasing the aquatic mounts. The mounts are, expectedly, very slow on land. However, once you use this mount on or under the water, that mount’s speed picks up significantly. And yes, you can barrel roll.

As to why there are aquatic mounts, there’s a ton of sea content planned from raid bosses, underwater dungeons, treasure, and much more. Naturally, these will be much more easily accessible if you have such an aquatic mount. And yes, aquatic mounts will be able to fully traverse any of the naval areas. This means solo content is also available when you’re sat on top an aquatic mount.

You can also craft items which provide advantages underwater like breath buffs, speed buffs, and more. Additional questions were asked about the game more generally. For example, there will be no world wrapping. You can also party duel (apart from 1v1), however, the team is still looking into this.

Apart from that, Alpha 1 testing is still on track for later this year.

You can check out a full unofficial transcript of the live stream here.


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