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Ashes of Creation Now Enforcing Account Ownership Policy

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Intrepid Studios, the team behind Ashes of Creation, have provided an update regarding their account policy action as part of their Terms & Conditions in that they will now enforce it.

Steven Sharif, the team’s Creative Director, had previously stated,

“Intrepid has no stance at the moment with the ownership of crowdfunding packages or pre-order packages. The primary reason for this stance at the moment is because we cannot enforce the transferring of these accounts.”

It looks like that stance has changed with the team now enforcing this account ownership. The team notes accounts are nontransferable which means accounts owned by you can’t be sold, traded, gifted, or transferred for any reason. If you or anyone else partakes in such action, you’ve violated the terms and conditions.

Reactions over on Reddit have been largely positive with one user noting,

“It’s going to be so fucking refreshing having active staff preventing account sharing/selling when this game comes out, and I expect that same staff banning gold farming bots/buyers on sight”

You can read the team’s full post on the matter here. Recently, the Ashes of Creation team held a live stream which discussed the new studio, their design process, and a Q&A. Catch up with our recap here. As a quick reminder, the Alpha One which was set to release in June was delayed into this month and is slated to begin July 14. The verbal NDA for the upcoming MMORPG has been lifted, however, do note the visual NDA is still in place for sharing screenshots and footage.


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