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Ashes of Creation Next Live Stream Scheduled for January 29

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Intrepid Studios have announced the date of their next Ashes of Creation live stream for January.

The stream is set for January 29 at 11a PST. As usual, the team is taking questions up until the day before, January 28, for submission. If you have a question for the team, be sure to submit it here on the forum.

Some folks have already chimed in with questions of their own ranging from mounts, nodes, and more. One question also touched on the minimap,

“To my question: Will I be able to interact with the mini-MAP / MAP?With that I mean for example:? Put out pins - for monsters, houses, enemies, gathering areas and more.? Pins with text notes.? Be able to "draw" on the map - to show the way we will be traveling or how the gank will be set up.Or maybe other stuff?”

Recently, Steven Sharif clarified some details on cosmetics and monthly costs. You can read up on his comments here, and be sure to the tune into the live stream on January 29 to learn more about he game.


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