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Ashes of Creation Livestream Showcases Combat, Improvements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Ashes of Creation live stream showed off combat and other improvements on Friday.

An accompanying transcript provided greater written detail, which you can read in full here. Check out a snippet, along with the live stream, below.

Quick Updates:

  • Account services update that happened this month. Check the site for info.

  • We put out a lore article on the noble steed.

  • Collected some great data with the 20th Apocalypse test.

  • We’re working on getting the next test up soonTM.

  • Preparing for the move to the new studio on Nov 22nd.

  • The new studio can hold upto 180 people.

Q: Will the hardest raids be persistent across all realms?

A: Each realm will be specific to the region. So as a company we’ll give a shoutout to those that manage to clear the raid first and maybe even include them in the lore.

Q: Can per say one side poison the other side’s water source to gain an advantage?

A: With regards to the MMOPRG, there will be certain missions that people that are odds against one another, like one of those narratives could be to hamper things, but no you cant free will go around poisoning water. Perhaps you can poison the mana reservoir as a quest objective maybe, no promises.

Q: Do we have any news on the remaining 4 classes? (Summoner/rogue/fighter/bard)

A: You can expect to have blogs on those classes in the future, we plan on releasing info on that once it’s ready. We plan to make it incredibly presentable through a blog.

Q: Do you currently have some kind of plan to adjust the forward movement on the lunge attack?

A: We did come away with some changes we plan to try out. Its the difference between exciting and fast, but also rooted and relatively realistic. It’s been the primary topic for the past few design meetings. This is the primary purpose of apocalypse, to collect data and feedback to prepare for the hybrid interactions and movement for the MMORPG.

Full Disclosure: Team Critical Hit, the company managing PR for Ashes of Creation, is co-founded and run by former MMORPG.com Managing Editor, Bill Murphy.


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