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Ashes of Creation Live Stream Today with Q&A

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new development update live stream for Ashes of Creation is set to take place later today. Here are the details.

The live stream will take place later today at 11a PDT / 2p ET over on the official Twitch channel. As usual, the team invited community members to submit questions to their forum. They requested only one question per person so the team can accommodate as wide a variety of questions as possible.

Taking a look at the forums, tons questions were submitted. In fact, the very top post asks about player-owned buildings, specifically about the land surrounding a building,

“Much of the footage you've released so far shows terrain that is very hilly and undulating. Can we expect to find a lot of very flat land upon which to build Freeholds around each Node, or will we be able to place Freeholds on the sides of hills and mountains - and are there floating Freeholds for coastal Nodes?”

In recent news, Intrepid Studios, the team behind Ashes of Creation, is hiring again. This follows news of their Alpha One test being officially delayed to June 1. If you’re looking for the new dates for the rest of the Alpha One testing, we’ve got you covered:

  • Alpha One Preview Spot Testing: March 19 – June 1 (NDA)
    • Open to all Bravers and Intrepid Pack Holders
  • Alpha One Preview: May 14 – May 21 (No NDA)
    • Open to all Alpha One testers and official content creators
  • Alpha One: June 1 – June 30 (No NDA)
    • Open to all Alpha One testers and official content creators


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