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Ashes of Creation Live Stream Today, Lead Designer Jeffrey Bard Leaves Intrepid Studios

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Here’s a quick PSA. Intrepid Studios is hosting their next live stream for Ashes of Creationu later today. If you’re thinking of tuning in, here are the details you should know.

The stream is scheduled for 11a PDT / 2p ET today on the official Twitch channel, so you have some time before the show begins. During these live streams, it’s typical for the team to take questions from the community in a Q&A. Unfortunately, you missed the question submission period as it usually ends 24 hours prior to the live stream starting.

That being said, plenty of questions were asked by the community in the forums. For example, one commenter asked about caravans as they will be a pretty major feature in Ashes of Creation

“Can you describe a bit more about the mechanics of the caravans? Is it an automated process where the caravan automatically paths between nodes, or will players have some control over their caravans or perhaps the routes they take?”

In somewhat related news, Intrepid Studios’ Lead Game Designer Jeffrey Bard announced his departure from the studio earlier. Jeff is moving on to pursue his passions in the VC space. In his farewell, he thanked the folks at Intrepid,

“It is thanks to the many hard-working and incredibly talented developers at Intrepid Studios that we continue to forge ahead on our development journey. With Alpha One coming up soon, our team returning back to the studio, and the tremendous growth we have had over the last year, the future for Intrepid and Ashes of Creation is bright.”

Creative Director Steven Sharif also chimed in,

“We have had some amazing memories together over the last several years. I’m incredibly excited for your future and happy you are pursuing your passions. The team and community thank you for your hard work on Ashes.Will miss ya buddy.”


Poorna Shankar