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Ashes of Creation Live Stream Showed Pre-Alpha Footage of Gathering, Dungeon Fly Through, More

90 minutes of stream

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Yesterday’s Ashes of Creation live stream provided an update on development, including some pre-alpha footage of gathering, in addition to a dungeon fly through.

The team is growing and have recently listed an opening for 24 positions. Note that seven of these positions have been filled. Regarding design, the team is currently focused on populating the world. The good news is the team is nearing the end of this process.

Visual effects have seen some changes as well. The team touched on several skills like Prismatic Beam and a skill showing off the game’s volumetric lighting effects. Some pre-alpha footage of gathering was shown off. Note that gathering is one of three primary artisan tree branches. They showed off single gatherable resources, a resource vein, and a mobile type of gathering similar to a herd of animals.

A dungeon fly through was also shown off. They discussed tagging mobs which basically comes down to whoever is doing more DPS in addition to who tags first. The XP will then be divided amongst the two groups. But this XP will be based on how much damage was done.

There was also a short Q&A from the community as well. You can watch the full stream below and read a transcript of the proceedings here.


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