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Ashes of Creation Live Stream Q&A Reveals Additional Details on Nodes

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you missed the previous developer update from Ashes of Creation, don’t worry. There were plenty of questions asked by the community which Intrepid Studios addressed.

There’s some pretty interesting info revealed. Some details naturally couldn’t be discussed as the game is still in development. But regarding augments, for example, we were at least given a tease,

" We'll keep you posted on the types of augments that religions/social organizations/tattoos/races/weapons might feature as we get closer to having you help us test them, but some of it may remain a mystery for you to discover yourself as well!”

Additionally, the few details a previous stream has shared about clerics was only a small subset of what the full set of skill will be. Further on, some information on one of the key features, Nodes, was discussed,

“Nodes themselves will feature a wide level range of mobs/content, but even then you may still consider that you've "outgrown" a certain area - this is where the world constantly shifting due to nodes rising and falling comes into play, as what was once a thriving metropolis may become a wilderness again.”

Check out the full list here.


Poorna Shankar