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Ashes of Creation Live Stream Looks at Alpha Gameplay, Q&A, More

Plus some news for Alpha 1 testing

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The most recent Ashes of Creation live stream looked at dungeon gameplay and more.

Some details from the stream include the first group of Alpha 1 testing is set to begin this month. The test in May will be for the Phoenix Initiative, where the fall test will be for Braver of Worlds backers. The stream included updates from the design team, character art team, and environment team.

Additionally, a lengthy Q&A session took place. For example, one specific question asked about open dungeons and their increase in difficulty to which the team replied,

“Difficulty is definitely a progressive component. So the dungeon entrances will have lower level mobs and the deeper you go in, you’ll find either more difficult mobs or difficult mob mechanics or specific pathing mechanics in a room or terrain and environmental curses that are found deeper in the dungeon.”

You can read a handy summary of the proceedings here, and feel free to watch the entire live stream below if interested:


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