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Ashes of Creation Live Stream Discusses Next Playtest, Biomes, More

Over 20 biomes planned

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ashes of Creation held their January live stream recently and provided several updates to the game. Here’s what in store.

During the stream, the team discussed Alpha 1 pack sales, the next playtest, biomes, and the new website. It looks like Alpha 1 pack sales may possibly reopen at the end of February. The next playtest, meanwhile, looks like it’s scheduled for February 19.

Biomes were also discussed, with the game set to include over 20 biomes. Keep in mind, the current alpha version has four biomes, but this is set to expand for the final game. The team recently reworked the tropical biome. Next on their plate is the hilltops biome. We also received some additional information on the landscape, with the eastern portion of the map to be mostly riverlands. There will be a desert region in the north. There will be a jungle south of the tropics.

The stream shared some character updates in addition to a Q&A session. You can watch the full stream below, or catch up on an unofficial transcript here.


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