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Ashes of Creation Live Stream Confirms 7-8 Dungeons in Development for Alpha One

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In the latest live stream for Ashes of Creation, developers Intrepid Studios revealed that they are planning around 7-8 dungeons ready for Alpha One, in addition to more information.

The team noted that their current Alpha One testing has provided them some pretty vital feedback and data. Notably, they say that since their goal is to (eventually) scale to 250v250 PvP, they’re making sure the core systems for Ashes of Creation are solid and working well.

They also noted that their goal is to include 7-8 dungeons in time for Alpha One launch. They’re currently working to see completion of this goal. It was also revealed that a 40-person raid boss is currently in the works as well.

The design team were able to provide an update on combat, noting that they’re leveraging a new tool to author combat abilities, “more responsibly.” Once this work has completed, they anticipate the combat should feel a bit better.

There was a Q&A and well, with one of the questions specifically asking about the action camera and what the team is planning on doing to make it as viable as the traditional tab-targeting camera. The team had a pretty extensive response here,

“The ease of switching back and forth between action and mouse is our answer to this. The definition of the action camera is to have the movement tied to the mouse. So having templated attacks tied to your reticle for easier usage etc and a couple of other things should balance things out. Also we’ll likely add a hotkey that when held down lets you look behind until you release the key. But the objective is to provide people with the ability to play the way they want to play.”

You can check out the full stream below, or check out the unofficial transcript of the proceedings here.


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