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Ashes of Creation Kicks Off Guild Gathering Community Series


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Intrepid Studios, the developers behind upcoming MMO Ashes of Creation, have announced a new community series called Guild Gathering.

The Guild Gathering series will be similar to their Dev Discussions series, wherein the team poses a question to the community and receives feedback. This series will specifically focus on guilds, as evidenced by the name.

This first question in the series is straightforward. The team wants your thoughts on what you think is most helpful for recruitment and retention, applying to both in-game and outside the game. The community, naturally, has responded.

Some folks believe the best help is to have a place to hose a guild website or forum, citing Black Desert as an example. Guild Invites were also suggested with some additional details provided:

- Guild Invites- function to copy/paste to and from the in game text chat and also the guild message board. So the Discord link and any other media can be used easily.- Message boards, with more than just “message of the day” I need to be able to post several things that stay at the guild front page.- Customizable permissions and ranks (people like a sense of progression in a guild, even if it’s minor permissions over time)- Guild buffs or benefits that the guild has to cooperate to achieve really help with retention I’ve found.

What about you? What’s important to you?


Poorna Shankar