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Ashes of Creation June Dev Update Shares Housing Footage

Plus a few clarifications

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Some early housing footage from Ashes of Creation has been shared as part of the 90 minute development update.

If interested, you can watch the whole video below. The information shared touches on the act of actually buying a house in pre-alpha footage. The update also touches on and update on Alpha One, in addition to how the team approaches armor creation, and more.

Additionally, note that a few clarifications were made after the stream, specifically regarding housing and citizenship. For instance, you’ll need to own a house before you can become a citizen. Some other information included make-up of a village, which will consist of 50 apartments, eight cottages, and space for freeholds.

Additionally, mayors can construct apartments, but only once the node reaches stage 4 at a building plot contained within a node. Sieges were also clarified. For instance, once your guild has registered for a siege, a scroll creation quest will begin. Once guild members complete this quest, you can then use the declaration scroll.

Note that more than one guild can register to attack to complete that scrolls. Finally, that scroll will include a five minute cast time, so you may want to time it appropriately as it alerts everything in that region about the cast and the people who cast it.


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