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Ashes of Creation is Raring to Go with Their Extra Life Stream, Starts November 7th at 6AM PST

Help Intrepid Help Rady Childrens Hospital

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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 The Ashes of Creation team has tweeted a video regarding their upcoming extra life stream, benefiting Rady Childrens Hospital in San Diego. The stream will run for 24 hours, and Intrepid has posted some donation milestones that they are hoping their player base will hit.

The video is a special message from Rady Childrens Hospital, which will receive all donations given during the Extra Life stream.

In addition to helping a hospital that helps sick children, which is its own reward, the Ashes of Creation team will also have milestones with new or strange rewards, some of which will require user interaction to unlock, so people interested in watching and helping some children should definitely tune in as well, so that they don’t miss out on the rewards. While watching, you may also have a chance to earn an Alpha key to Ashes of Creation or learn more about the game during their live tabletop pen and paper game, in the AoC world.

To find out what else has been going on with the game, check out some of the early combat footage, plus everything that went on in the month of September.


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