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Ashes of Creation is Hiring - Again

Anyone Want to Make Their Hobby, Their Jobby?

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a not-so-subtle tweet, Intrepid Studios blasted the horn that they are hiring for Ashes of Creation, and the available positions range from art and design, all the way to producers in both the US and EU regions. The team is also looking for community managers geared towards French, German and Russian languages.

The tweet shows that most of their hiring revolves around art-related aspects of the game, but some engineering and design positions are certainly worth noting. Producers in both regions may also point to Intrepid gearing up for the possibility of pushing some kind of release schedule in the near(er) future, as producers’ roles can range from simply focusing production of certain game aspects, all the way to concentrating development through to their release goal.

The Intrepid team recently put on their Extra Life stream that did extremely well for the children at Rady Childrens Hospital, and their progress is ongoing as we’ve seen some massive steps forward over the month of September.


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