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Ashes of Creation - Intrepid Takes a Look Back at August

Ashes un August - The Newsletter

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a newsletter to fans, Ashes of Creation developer Intrepid Studios provided quite a few details on the accomplishments they’ve made in August. Everything from Pre-Alpha footage to additions to the Ashes of Creation shop were outlined.

The past month has been quite busy for Intrepid Studios. Despite a recent article that unveiled that they decided to self-publish Ashes of Creation, the team didn’t focus on that much aside from briefly mentioning it during a blurb about their new office in Amsterdam, and instead preferred to focus on the combat and castle siege videos in their development updates from August.

More importantly to fans, may be the developer discussions, and the list of takeaways from the developer feedback they’ve received. Some highlights to the developer feedback are below regarding both Multiboxing and Quest Breadcrumbs.

  • Most community members seemed to agree with Intrepid's current stance regarding allowing multiple accounts, but without automation and not on the same computer. 
  • Many agreed that while initial breadcrumbs were helpful in finding activities to start, once they were on a quest, they preferred minimal highlighting or indicators.
  • Some players agreed that some level of “quest breadcrumbing” is beneficial for newer players, partially due to precedents that have been set from other games.
  • Others shared that they felt keeping quest breadcrumbs to a minimum was crucial to maintaining a sense of immersion. 

In addition to the information provided, Intrepid also utilized their newsletter to remind backers of their Ashes of Creation Shop and the limited time cosmetics that are available in it. The unique and limited packages give players access to both Alpha and Beta phases of the game, and for those that purchased a prior months limited packages, they can easily purchase the new cosmetics as add-ons during the limited time window.


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