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Ashes of Creation Guild Gatherings Asks About Your Fondest Guild Memory

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Guild Gatherings for Ashes of Creation went live earlier, asking your thoughts on fondest memories.

Guilds are no doubt a major part of MMOs, and a huge impetus for the whole social aspect of gaming. These Guild Gatherings are similar to Intrepid Studios’ dev discussions, wherein the team asks you various questions about guild life.

This week, the question is all about your fondest memory. The team asks to share your fondest guild memory, and any pictures or videos as a sort of bonus. Tons of people responded, with some remembering exploring the landscapes,

“Fondest memory.... while I have no photos, just running around open worlds with some friends and guild mates enjoying the landscape was always my favorite bits. Sure defeating the bosses was fun, and understanding each encounter was a good thought experiment, but just wandering around, killing whatever was in our way, and finding the secrets of the map. That was always my favorite part.

Stomping around early game areas just to figure out what went into it, and what little details we missed while questing.”

Naturally, other responders discussed epic fights and battles they and their guild partook,

“So, Lineage 2. we started on Kain, and then decided to go stealth on Gustin when we all decided to re-roll as a crew with a specific team structure (2 groups: archer squad, and AoE squad, each having 1 Overlord, 1 sword singer, 1 bd, and an Elven Elder). Then once we all reached lvl 45-50, we started going to war with all the major alliances on the server. Many of which out leveled and geared us by a lot, not to mention being severely outnumbered. Yet, we never lost a war, every single clan we went to war with surrendered.”

You can chime in over on the forums here. Elsewhere in Ashes of Creation news, a recent dev discussion asked you about environments. And if you missed it, here’s a recap of what happened during a live stream late last month.


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