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Ashes of Creation Guild Gathering Asks You About Team Building

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The next Guild Gathering from Ashes of Creation’s community team at Intrepid Studios is here. This time, the team wants your input about a perhaps overlooked aspect of guild communities: team building.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Guild Gathering series, it’s basically like the Dev Discussions but with a focus specifically on guilds, guild community, and the like. This week, the Ashes of Creation community team want your thoughts on team building. Specifically, they want to know what types of activities you like to participate in with your guild outside the game.

The responses to the post are pretty wide-ranging with some looking to music,

“We like to post foreign songs from different countries. We like to discuss the future plans before we take them on. We get enthusiastic for theory crafting and we love fresh challenges.”

Still others have some pretty regimented activities they like to partake in with their guildies,

Guild Planning-Strategizing/preparing our future for success within Ashes of Creation-Educating our players about how the world of Verra works-Growing our guild/recruitment/social media/spreadsheets-Training our officers for their rolesGuild Activities-Watching the Black Sails TV Show weekly on livestream together-Playing other games to bond-Talk about cryptocurrencies (BTC, ADA, DOGE, SHIB, etc)-Talk about building computers and buying parts to be "AoC Ready"-Discuss guild meet-ups”

In some related Ashes of Creation news, the verbal NDA has been lifted while the visual NDA is still in place. This means while you can talk about your experiences, you cannot share screenshots or video. This follows news that the Alpha One test was delayed out to July. Additionally, Steven Sharif recently apologized for “unprofessional commentary” about New World’s payment model.


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