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Ashes of Creation Guild Gathering Asks How You Resolve Conflict

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Guild Gathering community question for Ashes of Creation has arrived. This one is all about something we’re all familiar with: conflict resolution.

If you’re not familiar with the Guild Gathering series, it works like this. Intrepid Studios, the developers behind Ashes of Creation, pose a question to the community. However, unlike the more general Dev Discussions, the Guild Gathering series is specifically about guilds, obviously.

The question this week asks,

“What makes a “problematic” member for your guild, and how do you handle situations as they arise? What expectations do you set up front, and what are the consequences for failing to meet them?”

Some responses were serious, revolving around discussions with admins,

“Only experience is with 18+ guilds. Discuss with the admins of the guild. If there's an obvious antagonist remove them, if it is 2 or more members equally involved have them settle it away from guild chat. If they can not settle things on their own or keep interfering with the rest of the guild members, remove them both/all.”

Others were pretty hilarious. One noted they’d sacrifice problematic members so they may please others and receive blessings. Still another replied succinctly,

“purge the corrupted protect the green”

You can toss in your own response on the forum here. Ashes of Creation is currently in Alpha One which began earlier this month. We had the chance to check out the Alpha One Preview. Check out our thoughts here.


Poorna Shankar