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Ashes of Creation Guild Gathering Asks About Ideal Members

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Guild Gathering for Ashes of Creation has arrived asking you about your ideal guild members.

If you’ve been following the development of Ashes of Creation, you’ll be familiar with the guild gathering series. It’s similar to the Dev Discussions series, but with a focus purely on guilds and guild mechanics.

This week’s Guild Gathering is all about ideal members, with Intrepid Studios asking what characteristics you look for in an ideal guild member. They further ask,

“How do you set and communicate those expectations, and keep track of a member’s performance against them?”

Some responses are pretty straightforward, looking for members who participate in guild activities,

“an "ideal" guild member actively participates in guild tasks. no matter whether as a group while some players are online or, for example, at night alone when not that many are present or you only have an hour to play.”

Others look for guild focus,

“Of course, the ideal guild member will vary based primarily on guild focus (PvE, PvP, trading, area control, etc.) and intensity (casual, hardcore, etc.). A trading guild will want members more influential and knowledgeable in the economy, while PvP guilds will want players with more gear, general skill, and ability to coordinate and schedule.”

You can check out the forum thread here. A previous Guild Gathering asked about how you resolve conflict. Additionally, the Alpha One recently ended on August 15. We had the chance to check it out. You can read our impressions on the Ashes of Creation Alpha One here.


Poorna Shankar