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Ashes of Creation Devs Want to Know How Much Time You Spend in Character Creation

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The new dev discussion for Ashes of Creation is all about character creation and how long you may or may not spend creating your avatar.

Let’s face it, character creation is one of those things some of us spend ages on, while others just create an avatar quickly. Personally, I fall in the former category, especially for games which include robust character creation systems.

This week’s Dev Discussion leans into that and asks how long you spend in character creation, in addition to what type of tools you like to see when creating your character. As expected, the responses were diverse.

One responder noted,

Character customization is the single most important thing in an MMORPG it's how you connect with the world. There is never to many options, because there will always be someone wanting more.Give the RP community the tools they need and you'll have a game that can be carried by the dedicated casuals who'll fall in love with world of Verra.1.Options2.Options3.Options

Other responses got detailed as they touched on scars, bears, eyes, age, and more. Still others went further to describe even the posture of their character,

Posture selection. Being able to select from a range of postures can have a huge impact on the perception of your character, whether they be a valiant knight standing tall or a skulking rogue. Non-verbal communication is hugely important, and being able to adjust the way in which our characters carry themselves (even from a limited list of presets) can feel very impactful and immersive.

What about you? What do you like to see in character creation, and what would you like to see in Ashes of Creation? Sound off below. If you missed the previous August development update for the MMORPG, check out our recap here.


Poorna Shankar