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Ashes of Creation Development Update Stream July 31

Reminder, AMA tomorrow

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Ashes of Creation’s team will hold a live stream on Friday, July 31 at 11a PDT. Here are additional details.

The stream will take place over on their Twitch channel. Right now, all we know is that this live stream will contain a development update. This live stream will follow a live Reddit and Twitch AMA tomorrow conducted by Creative Director, Steven Sharif.

Steven also recently hopped in the live stream of streamer Summit1g where he provided an impromptu interview of sorts discussing PvP systems, the anti griefing system called the Corruption mechanic, in addition to providing his thoughts on the ill-received battle royale, Ashes of Creation: Apocaplypse,

“If we had not done Apocalypse as a testing ground for many of the background systems and the architectures that we’re building in the MMORPG, we would not have discovered a significant issue that we did which we had to re-architect a lot of the backend systems for.”


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