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Ashes of Creation Developer Intrepid Studios is Hiring

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Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Intrepid Studios, the developers behind the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation, is hiring. Here are the details if you’re looking to apply.

In a Tweet earlier, the team shared that they’re looking to fill positions in art, design, community, engineering, and quality assurance. In fact, the full list of open positions is actually pretty lengthy and includes:

  • Senior Technical Artist (US)
  • Senior FX Artist (US)
  • UI Artist (US)
  • Senior Technical Designer (US)
  • Senior Systems Designer (US)
  • Senior Quest Designer (US)
  • Senior Combat Designer (US)
  • Senior UX Designer (US)
  • Customer Service Representative (US)
  • Junior Community Manager (US)
  • Social Media Manager (US)
  • Gameplay Engineer Generalist (US)
  • Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (US)
  • Technical Animator (US)
  • Concept Artist (US)

While not outright confirmed, multiple openings like this are indications that the studio is growing. Ashes of Creation is set to host another playtest on February 19, with open testing set to begin in April. It makes sense for the team to expand to support these tests and future content and features.

If you’re interested in those positions, click on the link above and apply. Good luck!

[Update 11:05 am PT] Intrepid have also reached out to those affected by the recent Google Stadia closures, which will see almost 150 developers looking for new gigs in the industry. 


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