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Ashes of Creation Devblog Shows Off Creation Of Horses

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Ashes of Creation team have posted a new blog outlining the creation of horses in their game.

Presented as a journal entry, the blog shows off several breeds in great detail, and explains why mounts play a huge role in their husbandry profession,

“In Ashes of Creation, the horse represents one of the first and fundamental animals in the animal husbandry profession. Players can expect to find a wide variety of horse species existing in both domesticated form from stable merchants, as well as in the wild with more exotic features and traits. Many animals that can be tamed and bred through the animal husbandry profession can be found in herds across the lands of Verra. These herds represent a gatherable resource, of sorts, that masters of the animal husbandry profession may then use to discover lesser-known species variants with untold powers and abilities. Mounts play a large role in Ashes of Creation, and animals like the horse are an early gateway into the unlimited possibilities that await those skilled in the arts of husbandry.”

Check out the full post here, and the video blog below.

Full Disclosure: Team Critical Hit, the company managing PR for Ashes of Creation, was co-founded by MMORPG former Managing Editor, Bill Murphy.


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