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Ashes of Creation Dev Update Shows Off Early Combat Footage

Plus update on PvP balance

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In the latest dev update for Ashes of Creation, the team showed off early combat and much more.

You can catch the whole live stream below. If you’re interested in the combat bit, jump to 17:59. In the stream, the team talked a lot about PvP balance. In short, the team is balancing on the macro scale which is based around group content.

This means there will be certain classes that are simply more dominant in certain matchups, but the team seems to be fine with that. Remember, the focus is balancing around group content, not necessarily 1v1. There will focus on the base archetype, which means it’s not a true 64 classes, rather, eight classes with a bunch of variations.

The team also provided updates from the environment team, explaining that they’ve been adjusting the node system. They’ll now be more dynamic and procedural as they will introduce new layouts. The stream itself was quite lengthy so if you’ve got some time, check it out below. You can also check out the unofficial summary here.


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