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Ashes of Creation Dev Stream shows off the Py'Rai and Goes Deep into the Animal Husbandry System

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The Ashes of Creation February development update stream included updates on the state of Intrepid Studios’ growth and increased progress, but didn’t skimp on the reveals, with the Py’Rai making its debut and a deep dive into the animal husbandry system coming in the game.

Intrepid’s growth has enabled the studio to begin to ramp up some on aspects of production as they head towards the next phase of alpha testing. The animal husbandry system is one of the big ones that has gotten changes since it was initially announced in concept. It originated with a proposal to the design team and was inspired by some real science and genetics and if that could be ported over and adapted to something that could be grounded in realism and included as an option in the game. 

The system in alpha 2 will begin with the process of taming. The game’s revealed artisan system already consists of gathering, processing, and crafting. Taming is going to be part of the gathering discipline. The process of breeding the animals you tame will include some real-world genetics inspiration along with the magic of the world and some game development sparks to keep things interesting, fun, and useful. Things like traits, appearance, abilities, combat efficacy, and more can be things you can pass on. No two creatures will be exactly alike.

Once you get the hang of it a bit and desired traits and outcomes become apparent in the next generation, you’ll be able to make decisions on how to proceed. The best creatures will have lineages from all over Verra, encouraging sourcing widely, as creatures from some locations might have the best traits. Rare mutations can also occur, even to the point of making new creatures entirely.

Late in the stream, we get an introduction to the reworked, updated Py’Rai race, with a few answers as to what we can expect. All Py’Rai will feature these antlers/branches, as a distinction among wood elf types. However, customization will let you adjust just how they look.

For more on the February development update, including the Q&A, see the video above and check Ashes of Creation.


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