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Ashes of Creation Dev Live Stream Today at 11a PDT

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Get ready for the next developer live stream for Ashes of Creation set for later today.

The live stream is scheduled for 11a PDT later today. Additionally, just like their previous live streams, the team at Intrepid Studios will include a Q&A with the community, selecting 10 from the gathered questions.

As expected, the community has submitted several questions already surrounding a myriad topics. One question involves customization of guild roles,

“Will there be an option to "customise" guild roles? For example either creating own ranks or picking from a list of options.. (Maybe apart from the essential ones such as GM & Officer or even allowing these to be renamed).”

Another community member asked about accessibility and steps the team is taking to ensure players with disabilities are included,

“I was wondering if there will be added features for those with certain disabilities or if there are plans to expand on making it more inclusive. My personal example is that I suffer from absent seizures and the few people who know this in games use this against me in pvp to try and trigger them with certain toys, abilities, to shut me down and gain an advantage against my team. Will there be an added feature to turn off extreme light flashes?”

The community member continues, asking about any potential features for people who struggle with auditory processing. You can check out the other community questions at the forum here.

Recently, Intrepid Studios added Senior Narrative Designer Wynne McLaughlin to work on Ashes of Creation. McLaughlin was the former lead writer and narrative designer for previous expansions on Elder Scrolls Online.


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