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Ashes of Creation Dev Live Stream and New Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video Provide More Details

Caravans, Freehold, Pre-alpha, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Ashes of Creation team recently held a live stream as the NDA was lifted, culminating in a video of nearly two hours of gameplay over the weekend.

First up, a roughly eight hour test session occurred with the team’s Phoenix Initiative testers which proved to be a success. Due to this, the NDA has been lifted somewhat to allow these testers to share their experience with the community at large.

In fact, one such tester going by Shase#7493 wrote up their experience on Reddit and shared it via Google Doc. The notes cover off server stability, open world dungeons, the node system, classes, PvP/PvE combat, bugs, and more.

The stream also looked at Freehold, which is their open world housing system. New details included farming areas, husbandry sites, and more. Furnishing and furnishing professions were also touched on. Caravans were another topic of discussion. Perhaps most interestingly, if you’re carrying your caravan on land and then approach water, your caravan will convert into a naval caravan.

Finally, a one hour and 45 minute gameplay video went up over the weekend showing off pre-alpha gameplay. As such, it’s largely unoptimzed,

“You will see mechanics implemented that are not intended design, this is purely for testing certain code (IE flagging, crafting, caravans, etc). Many things will change and Art/FX will get polished up before our Alpha One release late this year. Also, we may have cheated a little bit with some GM powers, in order to show you around a bit more during the playthrough :) Verra is starting to come to life! Hope you enjoy!”


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