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Ashes of Creation Dev Discussion Wants to Know Moments in MMORPGs Which Broke Your Immersion

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Ashes of Creation dev discussion is here and wants your input on immersion breakers.

The discussion topic this time around is very straightforward and is all about immersion,

“What were some moments in an MMO that broke your immersion? How much did those moments affect your perception of the game? How important is immersion to you, generally?”

Of course, a few members on the forum post already sounded off, listing several things which break immersion. These things include repetitive battle music, meaningless quests, awkward combat, mass summoning, desyncing, the reuse of monsters and enemies, limitations to inventory, and much more.

Some, however, have a different take on inventory,

“As an easy example, I really shouldn't be able to care 200 logs in my backpack, along with everything else. Maybe I can carry 2-5? And if I want more than that, there should be other methods... hand carts, mounts, wagons, etc.Or, certain items should be specially tagged as encumbrance items, similar to how trade packs might work in that... other game All of this forces the players to actually consider before they go out logging what their goals are, and prevents resource bloat in the economy.”

What breaks immersion for you in MMORPGs?


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