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Ashes of Creation Dev Discussion Asks About Your Ideal Class

Mage? Bard? Summoner?

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Intrepid Studios has another Ashes of Creation dev discussion on the way, and this time, it’s all about your ideal class.

Put simply, the team wants to know which of the 64 classes you might spend the most time playing. Moreover, they want to know what specifically would make that class the ideal class for you. As expected, the community has responded in the accompanying forum. Some responses include the traditional sword, while others talk about a bard/mage,

“Hope to be able to buff allies, have cool lightning skills and fight from range. Would like high mobility to be able to buff and fight on a whims [dependent] upon team requirements, the requirements on the moment and requirements overall. I hope it will not be static or too constricted in movement.”

Yet more responses cover off tanks, summoner classes, guardian, wardens, and more. What about you? What would be your ideal class? And what specifically makes that class “ideal” for you? Sound off below!

And speaking of classes, check out the preview of the Tank as part of Alpha One, including abilities and more.


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