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Ashes of Creation Dev Discussion Asks About Environments

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The folks over at Intrepid Studios, the team developing upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation, have announced their next Dev Discussion. This time, they want your thoughts on environments.

These dev discussions should be familiar to anyone who’s been following the development of Ashes of Creation. But in case you’re new, it’s essentially a community question posed by the development team wherein they ask your feedback on various topics.

Today’s topic is environments. The team asks,

“What are some of the elements that make for a more “realistic” or “lifelike” world when you play a game, from NPCs to environments and beyond? How much does realism matter to you generally?”

Of course, there are already several replies in the forum post. One post is actually quite lengthy and goes into great length on vibrancy, detail, sound, NPCs, mobs, and more. Other posts touch on the day/night cycle.

Still another post discussed mob fluidity.

“Let me explain. A hill giant shouldn’t be a level 10 creature that you see early game. It should be a near end game creature that does massive damage and takes hits like a tank. Same concept for rats or small critters, they shouldn’t be placed in high levels zone as filler mobs with end game levels. It doesn’t make sense. Every creature should have a limit cap based off their innate race. A fare few can break that cap and exceed their limitations, such as rare spawns that drop equipment, or the equipment being the reason they are more powerful.”

Ashes of Creation is set to have a busy few months ahead. There’s an AMA coming up on June 13 with Creative Director Steven Sharif. They also held a live stream recently. You can read our summary of proceedings here. This all followed the delay of Alpha One into July.


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