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Ashes of Creation details How Apocalypse has helped development on the MMO in latest livestream

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed, the Ashes of Creation team shared a transcript of their September 27 live stream, outlining just how Apocalypse has helped their development.

Some quick updates include
  • Apocalypse is now available for 24×7 play on both Intrepid website and Steam.

  • The creative director’s letter will most likely come out the first week of October.

  • We’re going to be setting up October contests to win Peripherals.

  • We’re working on Leaderboards for Apocalypse.

  • If you are participating in Apocalypse, you can earn the Emberstorm Dragon this weekend.

Updates from engineering detail how any hiccups and issues in testing ensure that such issues will be mitigated for launch. The team expands how they know that BR isn’t really reflective of what many consider to be “MMORPG,” but this does help test their backend infrastructure,

“We know the BR is not reflective of what the MMORPG is, however many of the backend stuff does translate into it. You’ll see how from the August 20th test to the EA launch now how much the combat has changed. Alex’s team was key in building the new variables for the melee combat with multiple checks which are instrumental to building the hybrid combat system for the MMORPG. It’s one of the reasons why even though you may not enjoy the BR, you get to experience the changes throughout development to build the MMORPG. Mark has been working on scaling things horizontally so the servers can handle larger group population, no crashing/lagging, every server stands up. We solved some issues where we had rubberbanding, we’ve got most of it down and now there’s just a small number of matches experiencing it. We’ve updated our block mechanics, it consumes stamina like before, but if you reach 0 stamina while blocking you get stumbled/staggered. We’ve also improved our gap closing. If you have no enemies in front of you, you are able to perform acrobatic leaps to move around.”

A Q&A session was also outlined, with a snippet below. Check here for the full post.

Q: Are there any plans to add innovative features to the tab target for the MMORPG

A: Not all tab targetting will be the same, the controls will be based on what the ability does. We dont every class/ability to play the same.

Q: Will the new acrobatic leap/lunge be in the MMORPG or the Siege mode?

A: Not in its existing format, no. It will be present for example in the class skill trees, its different for the BR so we wanted to give players the ability to move around.

Q: Do you have any events planned for October?

A: Yes, stay tuned.

Q: Do you have plans for low level raids (lvl 10/20)?

A: Yes.

Q: What variety of mage skills can we expect besides elemental ones?

A: There’s radiance/darkness, standard elemental stuff and some stuff in Alpha/Beta that is driven based on lore of energy types.

Full Disclosure: Ashes of Creation is represented by Team Critical Hit, a games PR company co-founded by former MMORPG Managing Editor, Bill Murphy.


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