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Ashes of Creation Creative Director's Letter Looks Forward to 2021

From the Ashes of 2020...

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the latest letter from Ashes of Creation Creative Director Steven Sharif, he takes a a look back at 2020 and the progress the game has made, with a steely eye towards the progress the team intends to make in 2021.

The team at Intrepid hasn’t been immune to the delays and pitfalls of working remotely during the pandemic, and as the team began to adjust and new developers joined onto the project, Sharif believes they have finally hit their stride and he expects 2021 to be a very productive year.

Sharif also spoke about the upcoming Alpha One previews, of which there will be three leading up to Alpha One itself, which begins April 6th. The first Alpha One preview took place back in December of 2020. Sharif also wants players to know that despite suspending Alpha One sales in 2018, another round of sales may resume soon, but more details will not be provided until February. Sharif also expressed a warning for players who want to join Alpha One as if it is just an early preview of the game, and not a true Alpha:

“I had previously suspended Alpha One sales in 2018, and with the most recent testing done in December, I am hopeful that we will once again offer an opportunity for newer community members to join Alpha One. As a warning, however, our Alpha One is a true developmental alpha. This means our testers experience a very buggy and incomplete game. While it gives a unique opportunity to be part of the history that is the making of Ashes of Creation, it is not for the faint of heart and should not be purchased if you are looking for a “finished game.”

- Ashes of Creation Creative Director Steven Sharif

If you’d like to see where Ashes of Creation is at right now, you should check out some of the recent Alpha Preview footage.


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