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Ashes of Creation Creative Director's Letter

Past the half-way mark in the year

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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Ashes of Creation has given the latest update regarding development with the latest Creative Director's Letter to the community.

Steven Sharif, the creative director on Ashes of Creation, addressed the community in a letter that mentions some past milestones the team has met, as well as looking ahead to the future in the second half of the year. The letter starts:

We have passed the halfway point of 2020, and while the woes of our real world ensue, you can be assured that the development for Ashes of Creation is continuing steadily with significant progress. We have been committed to showing this progress through the regular updates on both our social media platforms, as well as through our monthly live streams.

The development is still in their Alpha One status, but they will be adding 'Leader of Men' pack holders starting in August. Starting this month, new pre-order packs and cosmetics will be updated in the pre-order shop following the previous suspension back in March.

For more news on Ashes of Creation, check out the June Dev Update about Housing and catch up on their livestream that featured new pre-alpha gameplay.


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