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Ashes of Creation Community Newsletter Looks at Player Favorite Non-Progression Activities

Fashion, exploration, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Ashes of Creation newsletter for April recapped the last month for the game, in addition to posing a question to the community.

In case you missed the recent stream, the team looked at some Alpha gameplay while taking on a Q&A. For example, the first group of Alpha 1 testing is set to begin later this month, open to the Phoenix Initiative, where the fall test will be for Braver of Worlds backers.

The newsletter later posed a question to the community, asking the community which non-progression activities they enjoy doing. The answers provided by the community were varied. Many cited exploration as a major activity, taking in the world and wandering while hunting, finding materials, and more.

Other players cited player-driven activities like roleplaying, community competitions, and various activities pertaining to the economy. Some other players cited what the team called “leisure” activities like mini-games and decorating. And of course, fashion was a pretty popular response as well.

You can catch the live stream below if you missed it, and feel free to read the full newsletter here.


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